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Heart and Mind - September 2018

Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock - September 2018

On September 23rd the members and friends of People’s Church will gather after our service and a lunch to participate in our FOOF II (Focus on Our Future II).  Building on the success of our last FOOF, we take this opportunity as we begin to celebrate our 25th anniversary year, to discern where we would like to take People’s Church over the next 25 years.


As a minister, I have found the answers given at our last FOOF to be extremely helpful when it came to answering my questions of what to concentrate on and emphasize.  The extensive documents produced by that process capture questions, statements, concerns, goals, and hopes. The board, various committees, and I, have used all of these as a guideline and blueprint to better meet the expressed needs and desires of the congregation.  As virtually everything in the FOOF process gets recorded, it is very insightful to understand not only the quantity of responses to certain topics, but also to gauge the level of sentiment concerning them.  It is very important that, if you are able to attend, you do attend and “share your piece.”


Of course, all the questions and answers will be geared toward how you see People’s Church, and what you see People’s Church doing, 25 years from now.  When those who signed the book in 1994 bought the church building a few years later, it was a “leap of faith” to believe that 25 years on it would be filled to capacity.  A progressive church filled to capacity with people gathering, learning, singing, studying, worshiping, promoting social justice—able to give support, provide examples, and help sustain free thinkers and religious liberals in West Michigan.


So, what do we want our legacy to be for those who follow us?  What are we prepared to do to build on that legacy and aid those who follow us in achieving their goals?  What will People’s Church be proud of doing 25 years from now?  FOOF’s big thoughts, spoken hopes, challenging answers, and provoking strategies will be referenced for years to come by future members, friends, visitors, ministers, committees, and board members.  It will provide us a snapshot of the moment, and a roadmap for the future.  Our FOOF gathering on September 23rd is our loving embrace of those who will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of People’s Church in 2044.