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Heart and Mind - September 2017


Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock

One of the things that guides me as pastor is the FOOF document that was completed in 2013, shortly before the congregation hired Pastor Bud and myself as two part time ministers.  It is probably one of the best studies and documents produced by the church in taking into account all the individuality of our congregation’s members, and their ideas of what makes People’s Church a church.


Over the last four years, I think through mutual cooperation and understanding, we come a long way to meeting our goals and working out what it means to be a UU in Ludington.   The worship service, our attention to music, and the choir were highly ranked items.  Pastoral care and community involvement were other areas we knew that we wanted special attention paid.


As to meeting our congregations spiritual needs and priorities, while more can always be done and most of the attention will always be paid to this, I suggest we find ourselves in a happy place.  With our involvement with Community Table, the Crop Walk, Haven House, Healthy and Sustainable Eating, and Habitat for Humanity, we are making new friends and accomplishing good deeds, not to mention making our presence felt in the community and increasing our visibility.


However, there remains one area in the FOOF goals, a lower priority but an important one, where we continue to struggle to scratch the itch—our call for dealing with social justice issues.  This goal is perhaps the most difficult thing for a church to deal with, particularly with a congregational based governance.  The “prophetic voice” is always the tricky one.


As we seek to meet all the needs of all our congregants, particularly those who feel that working on social justice issues is a vital component of their spirituality, let us make sure to keep open minds and open hearts.  Let us think hard on how we go about accomplishing this task we set for ourselves.  In our charity to one another, how can we go about scratching that itch?