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Heart and Mind - October 2019

Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock - October 2019

I hope to continue the buzz, and maybe even start some.  One of the things I already know we are talking about is the possibility of an addition, as we voted to go ahead with considering  plans and fundraising for it at the annual meeting.  Both task forces, one for construction and one for fundraising, had their first meetings and I’m confident solid, well-considered recommendations, will result.


Another group to begin meeting in October will consider our worship service, particularly the script we follow.  When it comes to what we say at the Sunday Service, everyone has their favorite lines, and their least favorite.  But we all recognize that because we have so many varied paths to individual truth and meaning, in order to support one another as a community, we need a give and take a little here and there.  If you look at the sermon topics for the course of a year (always available from Carol, and we’ve started planning for 2020), you’ll see that much effort is put into making sure all points of view are covered. 


Likewise with the service script, we have to provide something of a neutral palette to allow the more individual expressions to add the color.  One of the goals of this study group will be to figure out ways to allow for that color and some flexibility, without losing the worthwhile and sturdy structure that provides predictability and comfort.  It has been several years since the script was developed, and we’re wondering if there’s something we might do to bring it up to date and consider areas where it might be revitalized.   If anyone would like to serve on this study group, please let someone on the worship committee know. 


Somewhat related to this, and worthy of more consideration, is the possibility of providing permanent materials about our church and worship service under the chairs in the sanctuary. At the same time some asked if we might have things to read about People’s Church under the chair, others wondered if we could minimize or eliminate the printing of the Order of Service and its cover as a commitment to our environmental stewardship.  Right now a few people are looking into those ideas, and talk of hymn boards and projections are being bandied about.  Changes such as these bring into consideration things about the sanctuary that would have to be changed to accommodate different forms communication.  There are no plans at this time to implement any changes, but it is being given some thought.  If you have ideas, or are interested in this type of work, let me know and I will direct you or your ideas to that study group.