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Heart and Mind - October 2018

Heart and Mind - October 2018 - Dr. Lou Yock


Sometime between the end of November and the middle of December, we will receive our new chairs for the sanctuary.  When that happens, the chairs that we now use in the sanctuary will be moved to the social hall.  The sample chair that is similar to what will arrive has been in the library.  The chairs we will receive have a rack under them, where the hymnals will be stored, so we will no longer have to collect and replace our hymnals every Sunday.


New chairs, new tile for the entry, the flowers out front, painting, repaired door frames, blinds, a new roof, insulation, lighting, potential new carpeting, are all part of the ongoing effort to care for our church building.  Over the last couple of years the building and grounds committee and the aesthetics team, in coordination with the board, have been working to make sure the church and its environment are well maintained.  Seeing things in good order contributes in a positive way to a sense of satisfaction and progress.


As with the chairs, which were paid for with a generous anonymous donation, the idea bubbles up from here and there, and then the aesthetics team and building and grounds committee looks at the idea, gets estimates, and considers considerations, like costs, budgeting, and priorities.  Because the chairs were paid for with an anonymous donation, the board had to specifically accept the gift for this purpose.   Measurements were made a couple times by different people, and a schema was drawn for the placement of the chairs.  When we get a date for their arrival, we will assemble a team of volunteers to unload the truck and place them in the sanctuary.


Surprisingly, with the measurements made, the chairs will actually have a greater impact on our rows front to back rather than side to side.  This has been taken into consideration, and with the chairs in place, it will make the sanctuary feel different for a few weeks.  But, in the long run, the comfort, convenience, and look, will hopefully continue our sense of satisfaction and progress.


If you are able to help unload and set up the chairs when the time comes, please consider lending a hand.  Before too long we will all be sitting on comfortable chairs with our hymnbooks in easy reach.