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Heart and Mind - November 2019 - Dr. Lou Yock

Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock

On Sundays, many value our social hour time at People’s Church.  Before the service, the social hall and library area fill with people mingling, talking, and enjoying each other’s company.  Our singing “Come, come” to start our service does serve as a call to come into the sanctuary, but it doesn’t end our time visiting with each other.


After the service everyone has a chance to get a plate, sit down, and catch up.  Nothing provides as much warmth as the warmth of friendship, and our packed social hall restores and reinvigorates our bonds, as our smiling faces and expressions of care and concern cap off, or start, another week for us.


For this time after the service, we are generously provided with refreshments by volunteers who do the set up, refreshments, and clean up.  Right now we have about 19 sets of 2 people willing to do this, which means these volunteers do it two or three times a year.


I want to be sure to take the time to thank those of you who volunteer, and to ask, in a guilt-free way, if there are others willing.  In November, Carol will email everyone to ask if you would like to be kept on, or added to, the list of volunteers.  The more volunteers we have, the fewer times people are asked to do it.  And just doing one part of it, either providing the food, or helping with the set up and clean up, would help as there are those in better positions to do one or the other. 


Generally, for most Sundays, it is better to keep it a simple affair.  But for those who like to do something special for a special occasion, or who just like to provide a nice spread, variations are welcome.  For those who volunteer, Carol sends out a reminder, instructions, and a suggestion sheet a few weeks in advance. And if there are any questions or ideas, Carol is always ready to help.


So when Carol sends out the email, please consider joining the list of hospitality hosts, or renewing your name on the list.  It is most appreciated.