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Heart and Mind - November 2017

Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock

The only thing that never changes is the fact that everything changes.  Our church, its work, its presence, its philosophy, is needed.  And it’s important that we are here.  We must also be aware and willing to adapt to the people and events around us, while keeping our core values in place.  What is important must stay the same, while the things that need to change, change.

The first thing that needs to stay the same is our remembering that we are here for one another—that together, we are here to bear one another’s burdens and share one another’s joys.  In church, in our fellowship time, and anywhere we spend our time together, we can share the events of our lives and inspire, comfort, and celebrate.  With official announcements, with conversation before and after the services, in passing petitions, in signing up for and participating in activities, we learn what is needed and make our plans to fulfill those needs.

Newsletters, web pages, and Facebook will change, as will the workings of the worship committee, the order of service, musical choices, and how many people walk in the crop walk.  Paint colors and blinds and carpeting will come and go.  Even the people who attend will come and go.  But what stays the same is our concern and care for one another.  We have selected each other, and in all of our differences share our common values.  We celebrate those values in the good times, and recall them in the more difficult times, and always strive to do what we are able to do, as we are able to do it.

We need to be solicitous of the needs of others.  We need to remember to keep on giving chances, and remember to keep giving ourselves chances.  There are a variety of needs to be met, spiritual, emotional, and social.  And each season, each person, each generation, will revisit all the questions we ask, and look at ways to try and answer them.

The second thing that must stay the same is that we always listen to each other, which is so critical to the democratic method.  Yes, we like to know that we will be heard, and we want to be sure to share our point of view.  But thats 1% if it.  The other 99% is listening to what everyone else has to say.  That is more challenging.  But in the end, it is in our listening to one another that we will best learn what the needs are, and what we want to change, and how best to do it.


In the end, our love and respect for one another, the knowing that we will be here for one another, the knowing that we will be heard, is what will best bridge the gap between that which stays the same, and that which changes.

Opportunities will come and go, interests will develop and grow stale, charities will arise and diminish, but among all this we recall that we are primarily here for each other.  Because we are here, and all that we have and all that we are is welcome here, where it is always good to be together.