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Heart and Mind - November

Once again at People’s Church, we will celebrate Peace Vespers.  On the 4th Wednesday of the month, at 7PM, all members of the community are invited to spend some time in a quiet and reflective service which will concentrate on finding peace for the world, and for ourselves.


People have been asking for the return of such a service, and considering how caught up in the turmoil of the world we sometimes find ourselves, it is appropriate that we offer a refuge during the month where people are invited to simply reflect, pray, or meditate, on the idea of peace.


Peace, of course, has many meanings.  When we say “peace,” we Immediately think about the ceasing of hostilities in countries that suffer from war, refugees living in insecurity, cities suffering from riots, and families and communities torn apart by injustice. 


But equally important, and in some ways even more important, is the notion finding peace within ourselves, in our conflicted minds, and the despondency that sometimes arises from thinking that there is nothing we can do, or even attempt to do.


All peace—peace for the world and peace for ourselves—begins with a quieted, focused, mind.  In our Peace Vesper service, this is what we first hope to accomplish.  From an interior peace we are able to begin provide healing to our families, our communities, and the nations.

Through music, words, and quiet, our Peace Vespers will provide that refuge we all seek in our busy lives.


Our first Peace Vespers will be the Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving.  Because of this, attendance may not be too high, but no matter how many come, the sanctuary will be a welcoming respite for those who seek a quite time to find peace.  To find peace takes a conscious decision.  With time, determination, and practice, we hope the service will become an expected and sought-after experience for the Ludington community.  Whether there are three people attending, or 70, the goal will be the same, and will be achievable.


Our church has a tradition of Peace Vespers including a meal of soup and bread.  At this writing, there are no plans for the meal.  If anyone or any group would like to arrange for a simple meal before the service, for November or for later, let me know. 


I am very excited to re-establish our Peace Vespers.  I look forward to welcoming those who would like to give it a try.