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Heart and Mind - May 2019

Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock


"Rebirth, May 1st 1994.”


These are the words that appear in our Membership Book, and under which all of our members’ names are written.  For our congregation there is a history that comes before this, and all of us now associated with our church are part of the continuing story.  Things don’t appear from nothing, and that which has been never completely disappears.  Likewise, a church is established to meet particular needs, and for its entire life it will continue to change and be reborn as people join in its mission to meet the ever changing needs of its members and community.


A church such as ours will always be undergoing rebirths-some more dramatic than others.  New buildings, talk of additions, and remodelings are physical reminders of this.  From a trailer and a township hall to an old gas company building, the founding members have seen changes.  But even more importantly, with each new member or friend, with each death of a long-time associate, and with each visitor popping in for a service, we are renewed in our mission to provide “a loving religious home that welcomes all people, honors diversity, and celebrates common values.” 


The building changes, the people change, the needs change, but the dedication to purpose remains the same. People’s Church remains a place “where we support one another in our individual searches for spiritual truths that give meaning to life, and seek to act on those truths in our community and in the world.”


How fortunate that May is the month where we recognize, record, and reflect on the official rebirth of People’s Church twenty-five years ago.  When the trees are budding and blossoming, the flowers again are blooming, and the birds are singing, it is a most appropriate time to recognize our church’s ever renewing commitments.  May this season of rebirth reinvigorate us we enter into the coming decades of celebrations, challenges, and changes.