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Heart and Mind - June 2019

Heart and Mind

It was a long winter, and it has been a long spring as well. I do not recall forsythia

bloom lasting as long as they have this year. Few things give me as much joy and

encouragement as a blooming forsythia. I can remember all the forsythia bushes of my

grandmother and mother, and the first thing I planted after my move to Ludington was a

forsythia bush, right outside my front window.

But now the forsythia has turned green, and the annuals are (hopefully) safely planted

in their beds, boxes, and hangers. The traffic in town has picked up, and the badger is

telling me (approximately) what time it is. Families have started to visit and the washing

machines are running fuller and more often. And somehow the young are finding the

water warm enough to go in.

With the Annual Meeting behind us, it is time to go into summer mode. It is the time of

year to cultivate our gardens and our gratitude. The priority becomes sunsets at the

beach with a welcomed breeze, and bonfires with friends and family. Which reminds

me, our church family will have its annual picnic on Sunday, June 30th, at Memorial

Tree park, where we can relax together and enjoy the summertime.

As the air warms and the twilight lingers, we happily slip into “lake time” mode, where

our priorities switch to the immediate, to better and more fully soak up and revel in the

moments so full of warmth. As we are able, we take the precious time of summer to let

go of the planning and concerns that distract us from the beauty and bounty of our

surroundings. Fresh fruits and vegetables, sitting under a shady tree, the sprinkler

making a rainbow, the hum of a fan, all remind us to slow down a bit to taste and see

the goodness of life.

With the start of summer, be sure to schedule some unscheduled time. This is easiest

time of the year to relax and go with the flow. It’s a good time to practice mindfulness,

because as the daylight exands, so does our time to get things done. Or maybe it really

doesn’t have to be done now after all. The long and short of it: summer’s starting.