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Heart and Mind - July 2019

Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock

            We like our church building and where it’s at; that was a conclusion last fall from our Focus on Our Future II (FOOF II). 

            It is in a good spot, right downtown.  It’s a good fit for a congregation our size.  For a Sunday morning, there is ample parking, in front, in the city parking lots, and in our own parking lot, especially for those who need accessibility.  It is also easy walking and biking distance for many of our congregants, and the amount of people who walk and bike back that up.  Telling people it’s right next to the Book Mark makes it quickly locatable for anybody who knows the town.

            But, as always, things could be improved.  There’s some talk about re-doing the front entry way; there’s always some discussion about blinds and window glare; new carpeting is needed; sound can sometimes be an issue; and with the new air conditioning there’s going to be some experimentation with door configuration and temperature setting.  And most of all, there’s the back wall and some serious discussion about an addition. 

            The congregation voted to pursue inquiries about raising money for an addition, and a committee is being assembled to do that.  Likewise, another committee is coming together to more precisely develop plans for what exactly an addition should look like and contain.  If anyone is interested in serving on either of these, please let me or a board member know.

            For the question on how to fund an addition, we are in about as good a place as a congregation can be to discuss this.  We have for some time been operating without a deficit, have money in savings, and the endowment is doing very well.  It will be up to the committee on fundraising to determine what amounts need to be raised or taken from the different sources, and in what combination—that is make a plan on what to use, how much to use, and what to ask for.  After a time for education and inquiry, the congregation will then vote on whether or not to approve that plan.

            As the congregation goes forward with these discussions and making plans, I encourage everyone to enjoy the process.  Relax and have fun with the back and forth and the brainstorming—it’s all good. These are exciting times, and we have exciting things to talk about and fun ideas to share.  Whatever decisions are finally made, they will be good ones, having been thoughtfully considered, looked at from every angle, and other options weighed.  We have confidence in one another and trust the democratic process we are about to enter.  Let’s enjoy ourselves.  Let’s enjoy the community we have built, and the community we are building.