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Heart and Mind - January 2019


Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock



We, the community of People’s Church, uphold one another

-in our reverence and faith in the transcendent power of love,

-in our individual spiritual journeys,

-in our cultivation of compassion and understanding,

-in our stewardship of earth’s blessings, and

-in our efforts to promote justice, equity, and peace in the world.


We seek to forgive ourselves and others for our limitations,

-support one another in times of trouble,

-assume good intentions, and

-resolve issues with honesty, fairness, and respect.


Together, we celebrate the sacred moments of life’s passages and honor the holiness at the heart of being.


Before we begin our extended sermon series on the People’s Church Covenant, I invite our friends and members to take a good look at it, and consider it, perhaps even pray or meditate on it if prayer or mediation is something you do.  Our covenant is one of those things that is so frequently published that we sometimes fail to see it.


Unlike some of the things we discuss and even dream about, our covenant is not simply aspirational—it is very doable.  Our covenant is not just a list of unachievable ideals.  On the contrary—all of the items of our covenant are actionable.  We are able, in our everyday relations with one another, to be reverent, promote justice, and be forgiving.  We are able to support each other, and act with compassion and understanding.  We are able to be good stewards of the earth, and do the things that prove it.


Our covenant is the cornerstone of our beloved community.  It is what ties us together in our relationships; it provides the blueprint of how we act toward one another, and with those we encounter in our good works out and about.  In stressful times, it is what guides us as we resolve our differences.


As you think about the covenant, what does it mean to you?  What do the words and phrases signify?  How successful have I been in its implementation? What are the things I can do, and the ways I can act and think, to put it into practice more successfully?


As the new year begins, I invite you to examine the covenant anew.  It is written from experience, with eyes towards an achievable goal, in the parts and in the whole.