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Heart and Mind - January - Dr. Lou Yock

  Heart and Mind

This year at People’s Church, we hope to make our January 15th celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day special.


As voting becomes more difficult for working people and minorities, civil rights laws come under assault from state legislatures, governors, and the judiciary, and violence is threatened and carried out against ethnic groups and religions, now more than ever we need to reaffirm the strength and vision of Dr. King.


His call to non-violent protest has inspired millions of people throughout the world, and we seek to carry on in that tradition.  We stand with those who risk abuse on this day—our brothers and sisters at Standing Rock, those trying to build an Islamic house of worship in a suburb, and transgender teenagers trying to find a safe place to relieve themselves.


But in addition to raising our voices in praise and song at a Sunday service, I encourage us to redouble our efforts in service to the community.   As always, remember Community Table, the Food Pantry program, and the Crop Walk in the fall.  A new opportunity for those who may have the time or interest is Haven House at Grace Episcopal Church on James Street.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 11 to 2, volunteers bring lunch and provide company for the homeless during the winter months.  Neil Plante will be available before and after our service January 8th to talk a little more about the opportunity to volunteer.  Haven House seeks people to provide supplies, bring a meal or part of a meal for twelve, or to simply sit and visit. 


Let’s remember Dr King this year in both word and deed.  Let us lift our voices and sing, and be a presence of thoughtfulness and support to those in need.  As we celebrate Standing on the Side of Love, bring your love to the world by remembering the words and sacrifices of Dr. King and those who stand with him through the ages.