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Heart and Mind - February 2019

Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock

The Transcendent Power of Love


How appropriate in February to talk about love.


Our covenant begins by recognizing our reverence and faith in the transcendent power of love.  With this faith and reverence, I recognize that I can change, and that I can be a better person.  It also reassures me that, in my demonstrations of love, others can change and can be better people.  With love, and in love, I cannot give up on either myself, or another person.  There are no lost causes for those who believe in the transcendent power of love.


And whatever our understanding of transcendence, however mystical or tangible, we all understand that actions in love create a better experience for anyone who comes into contact with it.  Victor Frankl wrote in Man’s Search for Meaning, “Love goes very far beyond the physical person of the beloved.  It finds its deepest meaning in the spiritual being, the inner self.  Whether or not one is actually present, whether or not one is still alive at all, ceases somehow to be of importance.”   


We also remind ourselves that we are both the example setters, and the example followers when it comes to acting in love.  If everyone does their utmost in loving words and actions, things can only get better.  When enveloped in the transcendent power of love, a lonely person can be made to feel less lonely, and angry person can feel less anger, a confused person is given space, and anxious person can relax, a wronged person can offer forgiveness, and a stressful wait can be made more bearable. 


The sense of community we create, the encouragement we give and receive, knowing we have help when we need it, assures us that whatever else, we have each other.  When shared with one another, our love heals and redeems, it enriches our lives and the lives of others, it softens hardened hearts, and reassures.


As we celebrate this month of love, let us remind ourselves that in our homes and our congregation, how it is we revere and have faith in the transcendent power of love.  Let us look to each other, and be the examples, of the loving people we want to be.