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Heart and Mind - December 2018

Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock

At the start of each board meeting, the first action is to have the board members recite the People’s Church Covenant, with each board member reading a line.  At a recent meeting of the Worship Committee, for the centering, the committee members recited the covenant in unison.  When we had finished, one member of the committee remarked that it might be good that the congregation remind itself of its covenant more frequently.  And so is born a half a year’s worth of sermon topics!


Actually, the covenant is on the back of the order of service.  But understandably, after a person has attended a service a few times, most of what is written on the higher weighted cover, inside and out, is skipped over on the way to getting the hymn and responsive reading numbers.  In our weekly Sunday rituals of rehearsals, greetings, conversations, and getting settled in our seats, we might forget that our principles, mission, and covenant are there. 


Over the winter and spring we will have occasion in and amongst our seasonal observances to take some time to reexamine our covenant and bring it to the forefront of our thoughts.  There is much wisdom in our covenant, and even some items that would normally appear to be counter-intuitive.  I encourage members, friends, and visitors to take a few moments in the next weeks to consider the often over-looked items on the bulletin cover, and weigh what these sometimes formulaic words mean to you.


And as we enter into our holiday season, I want to extend to everyone my wish that you find much peace and contentment in the good will encouraged and celebrated in this time of long nights.  Remember to try to be all that you wish to see.  And may the New Year bring you strength, courage, and faith, as we all continue on in our challenges and adventures