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Heart & Mind - Dr. Lou Yock - March 2018

Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock

With spring this year comes the annual campaign, and Dave Burt is chairing it for the third time.  I am sure that I speak for everyone in the congregation when I express how we appreciate Dave’s dedication and efforts on behalf of People’s Church in this work that so directly contributes to the church’s running and thriving.  Thanks to your pledges and contributions, we have been able to accomplish many things since our last campaign, and look forward to accomplishing more in the coming year.

With your support, our little church of freethinkers is making quite a mark on the Ludington community.  We had the most participants in the Crop Walk, by far, and we certainly provide a good stable of volunteers for the Lakeshore Food Club on Tinkham.  Our fundraising for ecological toilet paper, as well as the item count for food and household items, are regarded well by the staff and club members.  In addition to these efforts, I hope we will be able to continue our work with Habitat for Humanity in the coming year, which is always enjoyed by all the participants, and accomplishes needed renovations.

But it’s not just in the local community that our fundraising efforts are felt.  Our fair share commitment to the Annual Program Fund and our contribution to the Heartland District continues to grow.  Likewise, we make regular collections for the Michigan Unitarian Universalist  Social Justice Network and the Annual Campaign of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  In many ways, the People’s Church is a significant contributor to good works and good efforts our the UUA’s work in the district, the country, and the world.

Closer to home, thanks to funding from the annual campaign, many improvements to the church building have been completed.  With the help of the members of the various committees, we now have an energy efficient building; a dishwasher that doesn’t need coaxing; a musical program that is improving, increasing, and compliant with copyright law; lights that work and are uniform; a new window by the nursery as well as repaired walls and floors; new blinds for the large windows; attractively arranged and displayed bulletin boards; a new back door; and door frames that are being repaired and varnished—just to name a few. 

The building improvement work continues into the next fiscal year, and more plans are being made by the building and grounds committee in conjunction with the finance committee and the board.  Some bigger ticket items are being considered, such as getting the back wall fixed in some way, as well as carpeting.  This will take a lot of consideration and more than a little discussion.  We might also take into consideration the present needs of the church, as well as the future needs.

Returning to the idea that it is more than building items that pledges support, it also helps the church set an example for equity and social justice.  Thanks to your commitment, we will be able to move the Children’s RE Teacher and Nursery Coordinator to employee status, as well as continue to pay a just salary to the Minister, the Church Administrator, and the Music Director, not to mention the people we are able to help in long and short terms. 

In the end, it all comes together and all works together, as we do what we are able, as we are able.  When you get your pledge information in the mail, remember all that has been done, all that we are doing, and all that needs to be done.  And thank Dave.