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Heart & Mind - Dr. Lou Yock - May 2017

Heart and Mind

All the Colors.  

In May, as our homes, our neighborhoods, the parks and the woods become more colorful with flowers, blooming trees, decorations, and people out and about, we will celebrate our Annual Flower Communion on Sunday, May 14th.

As in past years, we invite people to bring a flower from home, or take one from among those that will be provided.  We place these flowers into our bouquet, which becomes a visual representation of how our different talents, perspectives, temperaments, views, and personalities create the colorful and vibrant congregation we are.

In preparation, I encourage you to reflect on all that you bring to the People’s Church.  Whether it be the good deeds you do, the good thoughts you think, or the energy of your commitment.  Consider the varying hues of seriousness, goofiness, and spirituality you and our members, friends, and visitors bring.  When all is said and done, we make our differences work by allowing our individuality to stand out, one in a bouquet of many species, shapes, and sizes.     


And whether your memory of our church is long or short, remember the ups and downs, the misunderstandings and the healings, and the disagreements and the resolutions.  In making a bouquet, it is important to have the “negative space” to let the colors of the unique flowers shine all the more brightly and “pop.”  We cannot ignore the hurts or the injustices, but we will use them to learn to become better people, that demonstrate greater tolerance, greater patience, and greater compassion.

Think of what excites you now.  What is going well? what is getting better?  Think on your friends and acquaintances, and what we all mean to one another.  Think on how we support one another and allow one another to stand-out or blend-in.  Let the excitement of spring excite our attitudes and expectations.

When the service is finished, and we take a flower from the bouquet with us, let it remind us of all the good we have done by working together and striving to become witnesses of our values.  As you carry your flower home, carry also a bit of the dynamic congregation we have become, and may that spur us on to all the good yet to be done.