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Heart & Mind - April 2018

Heart & Mind - Dr. Lou Yock 

In the middle of March, the organizer of the Ludington Crop Walk came into the social hall and gave the two Golden Shoe Awards to People’s Church.  In October of 2017, our congregation mustered the most walkers, and raised the most money.  Both Golden Shoes can be seen in the social hall hanging on the bulletin board by the beverages.  Due to understandable circumstances, the awards came a bit later than usual, and the organizer suggested we have a picture in the paper with our church getting the awards late next summer when they begin the publicity for the 2018 Crop Walk. 


The awards for most walkers and most money raised are not calculated proportionally.  Walkers walked and funds raised are compared church to church.  And despite being one of the smallest churches in Ludington, when the tallying was done, our little church provided the most walkers and surprisingly raised the most money. 


The money from Crop Walk goes to several different groups who need aid.  First, it helps people throughout the world develop sustainable agriculture.  Second, a portion of the money raised stays also in the area; the money from the Ludington Crop Walk goes to the Food Club on Tinkham and the food pantry in Custer.   And in these times, because there are so many unfortunate refugees, Crop Walk helps to feed people in refugee camps 


I think we should be proud of ourselves for our participation, and even more grateful that we were able to accomplish as much as we did.  I believe this shows how when we decide to stand up together; when we decide to make an impact as individuals working together, we can.  I also want to send a special shout out to Jane Carpenter, who spent a lot of time to help get us organized, and also volunteered to act as one of the organizers with the people from the other churches.


This is not written to say that our church is better than other churches.  It does show, however, that when we come together and work together, we are better as a church.  Our actions may not command the attention of the world stage, but they do play a part in world. Due to our standing up, and our walking together, refugees are being fed, people are getting the help they need to raise food and make livings, and our neighbors who need some help with the groceries are getting it.


Due to good intention and with some planning, there is a lot of good will emanating from our church, which has a disproportionate effect considering its size.  When we concentrate on the good we can do, we can do so much good.  As you are able, I invite you to sustain these efforts in your pledges and in your activity and volunteering.  We accomplish much by standing together and working together.  Let us strive to keep up the good work that we do.