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Heart and Mind - Dr. Lou Yock - August 2017



If It's worthwhile, it's worth the effort.

It cannot be an afterthought when a dedicated group of people band together to to create a vibrant church that wants to have a positive impact on its members, the community, and the world. 

It is encouraging to see the seriousness and sincerity of the friends and members of People’s Church in our talking about the Line 5 sign.  Some of these questions cut to the heart of our identity as a UU congregation.  And in addition to expressing hopes and concerns, a lot of really good ideas and approaches are emerging and being expressed.  The conversations have been cordial, the opinions illuminating, and the perspectives and views diverse.  And what really impresses the heck out of me, is that people are taking the time to do this in June, July, and August! 

I do enjoy a good committee meeting—I’m odd that way.  I also enjoy a good discussion on values, priorities, and goals. 

I’m always eager to hear what Julia Raddatz, Bob Zahrobsky, Jane Carpenter, Peg Gage, Anne Pettigrew, Tom Walsh, and Jean Matievich have to say in board meetings, which are open for all to attend and speak.  With a wink I say that I want to avoid the term “the board.”  This is because that makes it seem to be an inanimate “other,” rather than a group of our friends and fellow travelers who have the best interest of the church at heart. 

I’m happy to participate in the Green Sanctuary Team (Julia Chambers, Heidi Moloney, Tom Walsh, Claudia Myers, Mary Wickwire, and Peg and Kent Gage).  Another group of our neighbors dedicated to environmental issues, all of whom work hard and in different venues to turn their beliefs into physical improvements for the environment. 

And over these late spring and summer months, I have spoken to people in my office, in other committees, in passing, and in small groups.  I always appreciate hearing the hopes and concerns of people. 

There have been scheduled meetings, some formal, and some informal.   These especially make me happy because not only am I hearing what people are saying and thinking and feeling, but so is everyone else attending the meeting.  When someone is sincerely speaking, and another sincerely listening, whatever the opinion, a patience and understanding develops.  Hearing the experiences that lead someone to a conclusion makes all the difference among friends.

And that’s the long and short of this Heart and Mind.  We’re all friends.  On the teams, on the committees, on the board, in the choir and in “in the pews.”  Let us always keep in mind that our discussions arise from the different ways we think the church can best be the People’s Church, Unitarian Universalist—a vibrant home to freethinkers who celebrate unity in diversity.