Members of the Good Vibrations Drum Circle on June 17th.

Members of the Good Vibrations Drum Circle on June 17th.

Good Vibrations Drum Circle - 7 p.m. November 18


GOOD VIBRATIONS DRUM CIRCLE - -  7 p.m.   We will plan to meet once a month on the third Monday  of the month

What is a drum circle? A drum circle is a community music  making event where people sit or stand in a circle while playing percussion instruments  People play improvised rhythms.  Music is created in the moment.  In a drum circle there is no audience.  Everyone is part of the performance.


Understand that rhythms are spontaneous.  One person starts a beat or a rhythm, then someone else adds to it, so on and so forth.

There is a basic agreement in these kinds of events that each person in the circle is there to share their rhythmic spirit and personal energy with the community that is present.  With this kind of group consciousness a drum circle can be a very powerful yet intimate experience for participants to create unity in their community by drumming together.  Your expertise is less important than how much of yourself you contribute to the experience.  If every player is there to share his or her spirit and have fun, the musical part will take care of itself..

So if you already have a drum, or any percussion instrument like maracas, tambourines, tom-toms, wash-boards, wood-blocks, bells, shakers—bring them. If you have more than one perhaps you can share your extra instrument with others.

Julie Sherlock has ordered some drums for our church to use; so those will be available also. 

So come enjoy the fun,  Let's make a BIG sound together.


  Also , yes, friends and other members of our community are also invited to attend.