People's Church
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Sunday Services 11:00am

People's Church Caring Groups


Our congregation is divided into groups of people who are singles and couples, some are homebound and elderly, others who are snowbirds and are away a great deal of the year. We lose touch with each other by being part of the larger body of 65 member/friend families. People will notice when another member is absent but unless invested in that person, usually thinks someone else will call. Although people are friendly to each other, breaking into established friendship groups is oftentimes difficult. By creating smaller groups, with objectives and responsibilities towards each other, a closer community of caring may be accomplished.


  • To care for each other.
  • To establish better relationships with each other.
  • To create new friendships.


  • The 65 member/friend families are divided into groups of 8-10 people.
  • Each group consists of singles, couples, ad people who are not full time residents.
  • New members will be assigned to a group as necessary.
  • Each group will be assigned a facilitator at the beginning who will get the ball rolling within the group.
  • Members of the group have the option of changing groups. However, it is hoped that the members give this process some time to make that decision.

Responsibilities of each group:

  • Select a facilitator from the group (may be the same person assigned at the beginning, or someone else).

       Semi-Annually (minimally)

  • Hold an activity (coffee and cake, wine and cheese, dinner, breakfast, lunch) where all members of the group would be invited. One member can host, while the others can supply refreshments.
  • Keep track of others in the group to see if they are in church, are ill, etc. Contact the others in the group to maintain communication to that member. Contact their office as well.
  • Meet for socializing after church outside of church for discussion, movie, etc.


  • The church will hold a pot luck where all groups will attend and report of their success, or failures of the year.


This is a way for members to make new friends and reconnect in ways that they may not have had the opportunity to do.

It also keeps track of those who really need us in time of sickness or trauma. Many times, those people get lost because someone else thinks they are looking after them.

Groups may name themselves, create other activities, whatever they want.

There will be a natural evolution to this process – some people may change groups, some groups may combine.