Welcome to People's Church


It's my joy to welcome you into our community as we celebrate on Sunday mornings. I personally discovered Unitarian Universalism just 20 years ago. While we have roots centuries deep in religious history, we are committed most strongly to a future that grows beyond historic divisions. I am impressed with our courage and creativity, as we aspire to welcome different theologies, philosophies, gender identities and orientations, as well as the young and old and in between. We strive for a more just world by confronting those who can change how society operates with a vision of justice and compassion, trusting in the transforming power of love.

Join us in discovering how we can best bend the arch of history toward justice and a desirable and sustainable future where everyone has enough.

I look forward to meeting you. Call me at (386) 846-1840 or email me at revbudmurphy@gmail.com


Richard "Bud" Murphy, Senior Minister

People's Church Vision Statement

People's Church provides a loving religious home that welcomes all people, honors diversity, and celebrates common values. We support one another in our individual searches for spritual truths that give meaning to life. Collectively, we seek to act on those truths in our community and in the world.